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I base oil companies participating in Xiamen Summit Forum



September 14, 2011, led by the general manager Zhang Runjiang our sales team and attended the two-day 2011 in Xiamen, Xiamen base oil summit forum. The forum in my company mainly oil refining sector new blood gesture to show up downstream exhibitors to showcase our company now has white oil production technology, production process characteristics and advantages of our products. Through the success of the conference establish a good image of our company, to establish a link-based production enterprises.
Participate in the forum and is the country's main Asian base oil producers and traders, and some end-users. The trend nowadays to discuss the future of the base oil market and the base oil market by focusing Roundtable guests keynote speakers and guests as well as questions from the form.
I led the company through a statement, PPT presentation, product display, and give away presents, zoning research and other means, to our business and products were introduced, so that the majority of participants know us, know us and establish cooperation between the two sides preliminary intention.
Through this conference we learned more about the base oil and white oil market situation, to know more customers, deepen mutual understanding between the customer and obtained preliminary approval of many traders and end users win a potential customer's attention.