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Kivi Wynn a 100,000 tons of white oil project went into operation



In support of the leadership of both parties and the Tianjin plant under Kivi Investment Group, and all employees work together under KaiWei Wynn, Wynn KaiWei a 100,000 tons of white oil project in at 14:18 on January 16 2012 Start into the oil started in at 22:20 on January 16 2012 the output of the first high-quality white oil, currently plant running smoothly, production load between 95-100%, yield 12-13 tons an hour. After testing, the products meet food grade white oil, cosmetic grade quality standards, one-time successful trial production and feeding of production, the company completed the annual task indicators laid a good foundation.
Tianjin Kaiwei Yongli Chemical Co., Ltd. jointly by the Tianjin Kaiwei Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group Soda Plant on January 28, 2010 joint venture. The project covers 27430m2. Currently under construction, 200,000 tons / year of white oil production plant, constructed in two phases, after the completion of a production capacity of 100,000 tons / year, two new capacity 100,000 tons / year. A project since June 6, 2010 started construction, to the current construction is substantially complete, stand-alone test, purging, gas-tight, oil transport, catalyst loading, etc. have been carried out is completed, on January 16, 2012 with a start feeding conditions.
The company mainly produces a variety of viscosity of cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical grade white oil products, the core technology from the US company Chevron noble metal hydrogenation process. Its white oil product has a good oxidation stability, chemical stability, light stability, colorless, tasteless, and can be widely used in cosmetics, food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Kivi Wynn a 100,000 tons of white oil project went into operation, not only enrich the Bohai Chemical Industry Park of products to fill gaps in the domestic high-end white oil production, marking the company from the construction phase to the normal production and operation phases, it is important .