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Pharmaceutical grade white oil
Chinese Pharmacopoeia called low viscosity mineral oil for the light liquid paraffin. KaiWei Wynn white oil quality over pharmacopoeia requirements, has excellent chemical inertness, product color and oxidation stability than most mineral and vegetable oils. Pharmaceutical grade white oil fully embodies the essential qualities KaiWei Wynn white oil, the following is a detailed description of the product applications.
-, Pills condensing agent
Kivi Wynn dedicated white oil dripping pills is the ideal non-water-soluble condensate, used together with the silicone oil. Recommended grades Pal-5,7.
Product Features:
a chemically inert: Insoluble main drug and matrix, the reaction does not occur;
b appropriate density: proximity and density of droplets, can be obtained dropping pills slowly sinking or floating rate, sufficiently solidified, pill-shaped round;
c suitable surface tension: the surface tension between the droplet and white oil droplets smaller than cohesion, contraction convenient solidified into pellets;
d with a silicone oil having a good miscibility with silicone oil to facilitate.
Second, the ointment base
Kivi Wynn dedicated white oil as an ointment ointment base materials, recommend Aquae-9,13,15,18, Claire- 22.
Product Features:
 a uniform, smooth, smooth, non-irritating, suitable consistency, easy coating;
 b stable, non-compatibility with the primary change agent or additional agents of other substances;
 c no physical activity, without prejudice to the normal function of the skin, good release properties;
 d has some absorbent capable of absorbing wound exudates;
 e easily washed, do not pollute the skin and clothing.
Third, the soft capsule (dripping method)
Kivi Wynn dedicated white oil soft capsule as a coolant, recommended grade Aquae-15.
Product Features:
a chemically inert: Insoluble main drug and matrix, the reaction does not occur;
b appropriate density: the density of gum drops close, easy solidification, capsule and tidy;
c suitable viscosity: gum drops moderate resistance, favorable shaping;
d moderate surface tension.


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