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Food grade white oil
It is widely applied to foods. Especially the white oil with the kinematic viscosity of about 8.5cSt is suitable for food purpose. In food field, it is used as plasticizer, demoulding oil and 3H release agent. 3H release agent, according to definition of USDA, is used for gridirons, bread plates, cutters, bone trimming countertops and other harder surfaces to prevent food adhesion during processing. It could serve as noddle cutter oil, demoulding oil, food grade oil, granary dust-suppressing oil, animal feed, insecticide, chemicals and fertilizers. The good grade oil could lubricate food processing equipment, soak packing paper (keep food crisp), control foam in the production process of beet sugar, vinegar and paper, and enhance tanning process. Low-pour-point white oil is used for improving hot-melt adhesives or lubricate low-temperature equipment such as air conditioner and freezer compressors.
Kaiwei Yongli is the leader of food and pharmaceutical grade white oil. Kaiwei Yongli white oil, serving as coating agent, lustering agent and defoaming agent, is widely applied to food processing.
Pal/Claire series is recommended, which features ① high purity, ② appropriate viscosity, ③ no harmful substances such as heavy metal and arene, ④ super-strong oxidation stability and safety that surpassing requirements of related food certifications.


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