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Vaccine adjuvant white oil
Kaiwei&yongli white oil adjuvant vaccine according to relevant national laws and regulations, for a variety of food, medicine and related industries, especially for the animal vaccine adjuvant.
this product:
① free of animal antigenic cross-reactivity of the substance;
② good liquidity, high stability, excellent physical inertia;
③ high purity, low aromatic content, no organism harmful substances;
④ according to cost-effectiveness and the actual use made of the most suitable type of carbon-carbon ratio and distribution;
⑤ no self-induced hypersensitivity, does not form harmful immune complexes and immune antibody;
⑥ non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic effects of secondary, not induce and promote tumor formation;
⑦ easy to emulsify, animals susceptible to degradation and absorption, will not long remain in the body or induced tissue damage.
KWYL white oil adjuvant vaccine has achieved the following certification:
Through the ISO22000 certification; ISO9001 certification;
Through REACH registration; through the national food-grade white oil production license;
By HALAL and KOSHER Kosher certification; registered by NSF registered category: H1 / 3H;
Compliant with FDA provision, 21 CFR 172.878 and 21 CFR 178.3620 (a) white mineral oil;
US pharmaceutical excipients by DMF registration, classification IV; by Chinese drug production licenses and approvals pharmaceutical excipients.
1. High absorptivity
2. Higher safety
3. Higher emulsibility, clear critical point of emulsification
4. More sustainable titer, uniform controlled release
5. Less non-potential dangerous molecular structure harmful to animals
6. Higher small index standard, such as the positive distribution of n-alkanes


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