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Polymer whitener
Kivi Wynn developed proprietary grade white oil in accordance with the requirements of the polymer industry, has the following characteristics:
a high flash point (compared with similar products)
b narrow carbon number distribution
c very low heat loss
d compatible with the polymer, and good solubility in polyolefin
e weathering heat resistance and UV resistance are extremely well
f molecular structure suitable for a number of industry-specific adjustment of the molecular structure
g as ps plasticized with improved impact resistance while ps, ps will not affect the transparency, does not precipitate or yellowing.
Specific applications as follows:
- UHMW-PE fiber, recommended grades Claire 35, Practical 35.
Dissolving the polyolefin has always been the problem. White oil is one of the few good solvent for the polyolefin, polyolefin solvent, white revolutionize an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and a lithium ion membrane processing. Meanwhile Kivi Wynn white oil with excellent oxidation and thermal stability, it is ideal for high temperature applications. Providing long life outdoors in adverse conditions, with excellent UV and color stability.
Well-known ultra-high molecular PE processing performance is poor, the subsequent processing must use white oil, decalin solvent. In the process of dissolution of ultra high molecular weight PE, PE white oil molecules penetrate into the polymer molecules, the molecules rely on surface tension of the PE molecules distraction. At the same time as an internal lubricant, reducing friction PE molecular chains, making it easier to swell, heating optimization can play a very good role. However, the use of white oil in the heating process will produce cracking yellowing, KaiWei Wynn white oil in accordance with the actual situation should be narrowed carbon distribution shortening, increased flash point, greatly improved due to the degradation caused by shortening yellow and wire and variable phenomenon.
- Wet lithium battery separator Recommended grades Claire 35, Practical 35
This application is mainly for wet lithium ion membrane processes. Refers to the basic process is at an elevated temperature to form a polymer in white oil was dissolved in a homogeneous solution, then cooled cooling, the solution resulting in phase separation, and then use a volatile reagent white oil extracted, dried to obtain a certain structural shape of the polymer microporous membrane.
First, textile oil
a stable and reliable electrical properties, to solve due to static electricity cause yarn breakage occurred.
b moisture index is low, reducing the chance of easily broken wire.
c low pour point, low temperature (-30 ℃) to prevent oil loss of mobility caused wire breaking phenomenon, to prevent the temperature dropped and finished silk undue consequences.
d colorless, odorless and low spots, wool, cotton, silk and synthetic textile fibers many good compatibility.
Application examples: Spandex oil, recommended grade Practical-10.
Second, the cellulose acetate
Acetate in drafting the metal will produce static friction, often appear wool yarn breakage, low productivity and difficulties in shaping the scroll bar high-speed machine, the lower the rate stick, then smoke for taste after molding and suck taste also have some impact, the production of cellulose acetate for cigarette must use special oil. White oil as a smoothing agent can account for 45-70% of the oil formulation, a good choice is important to the quality of white oil, recommended grade Pal-7.
Three, SEBS blend modified
Kivi Wynn white oil low volatility, particularly suitable as a plasticizer for the thermoplastic elastomer to improve and control the flow rate of the polymer melt finished. TPE Recommended grades Aquae 13 / Claire 35 / Practical 35


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